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Your memories can pave a path to the future...

It was an experience that choked me up. It still does. Last year, 2 older men flanked their 98-year-old father, tucking their arms firmly under his, steadying him while allowing him to retain his dignity and independence. They moved slowly across the mulch paths working so that all of them could navigate the chipped and chunky bark. It was a humbling experience to witness. James* was a World War II vet that had come to Pope’s Museum to tour the memorials and the artwork. He also came to see the names of peers carved in marble. Those names of men who, unlike James, did not get a chance to return home and have sons to steady and honor their service.

The year prior was also revealing. A wedding was scheduled for Sept of 2020. In a large handicap accessible van, three generations of the bride’s family were preparing to come in from Kentucky for the special occasion. The only problem was the mother of the bride was a quadriplegic, and navigating the mulched paths in her extremely heavy motorized wheelchair was going to be a near impossibility. “Will I be able to see my daughter get married?” Jeanette* asked. One could almost taste the panic in her correspondence. Pope’s Museum was committed and built special ramps to assist her in this mother’s dream. Yes, we were able to work with the veteran and the mother of the bride, but in other situations we have had to turn people away from both visiting and using this national treasure. But there is a solution. Upgrade the mulch paths to bricks.

Using antique red clay bricks allows us to repurpose the mulch in the landscaping areas, create an accessible path for mobility challenged guests, and for you to honor the past and people. It allows you to remember events and to celebrate those people whether they be in the past or present. It allows you to advertise your business for decades after you have ordered your brick. Whether you use your own clip art or polar engraving, your brick helps make this national treasure accessible for generations. Need ideas? Here are a few: Anniversaries, Business Logos, Parents, Business Names, Births, People who served, Graduations, Historical Events, Official Military Insignia, Inspirational quotes, Scripture verses, Pets, etc.

Each brick ranges from $50-$100. The sizes are 4x8 and 8x8 and include 3 lines of engraving and/or clip art. These prices also allow us to put aside funds for installation and preservation of the paths. Will you consider purchasing a brick? While Pope’s Museum staff is available to help you, you can do it from your desk or your couch. Secure website. The entire proceeds from the project go through the website below. Please help us to make Popes Museum accessible for all, those looking back and those looking forward. Thank you.

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