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Why Elopements Could be the Perfect Fit

Elope? That involves a young couple, hand in hand, running across a moonlit field, via a hastily made escape rope made of bed sheets right? That makes for great movie drama, but is not an authentic picture of what an elopement looks like in 2020.

Elopements are gaining in popularity, as are micro weddings. Where micro-weddings are thoroughly planned events with a smaller group of guests, elopements are personalized intimate events that have sweeping romantic touches throughout every aspect. Simply put, elopements offer couples the freedom to have both an elegant event in an intimate and unique setting. With less need for months of preparation, there is less stress and more focus on the occasion. Pope's Museum works with a team of experts that can help you choose whether or not elopement is right for you.

Unless you are planning on getting married in a judge's office, a venue is one of the first decisions. Since the goal is personalized and intimate, the venue must be one that fits. Put another way, does this venue fit your unique relationship with originality and distinction? Whether you want to walk down a sweeping staircase, stand beneath a southern pecan tree, or join hands in an art gallery, where you elope is a key factor in personalizing your wedding. After all, your wedding venue is part of the experience, not just a space to share vows.

It's more than just the venue though. As you think about an elopement, here are some insights from experts in the wedding industry that serve with Popes Museum. Christie Woodrow, owner and operator of Wildflower Event Design ( shares that elopement weddings can be an especially romantic special way to celebrate your love story.

She knows that this is still THE DAY. Therefore her counsel is straightforward and tailored to you, for you. She advises, "Splurge on one thing. Find a way to tailor your ceremony to you. Some brides order dozens of their favorite flower and petals for the ceremony. Another option is gourmet mini cupcakes with their initials and ceremony colors. It doesn't matter what it is; as long as it as it is personal to you and your love story!"

As an event planner, Christie also advises to invest in a great photographer and makeup artist. "Doing a wedding on a smaller scale does not mean you deserve to look less than amazing!" Pope's Museum agrees. Weeks or years after the event, a great photograph is worth the investment. Courtney Wahl of Courtney Wahl Photography ( shares that elopements provide her with more time with the couple. Not only can she capture the quiet moments, smaller weddings are also less stressful. The occasion flows like waves, where the transition between moments is more effortless, rather than staged. Photography captures the beauty of the event. Therefore, beauty in the environment is a great investment

Pope's Museum knows that florals and fauna create an atmosphere where you can feel spectacular. Having an elopement offers the opportunity to vamp it up. Melissa Brock, the owner and operator of award winning South of Stem Florals ( loves elopements. She specifically mentions that elopements allow the floral budget to go to the items most photographed like the bouquet and ceremony space.

It is less stressful too. She writes, "You have so much less stress giving everyone space and time to take in all the glory of the moment and "smell the roses".

Catering is less stressful as well. Although it is easily apparent that serving a dinner for ten guests is more affordable than serving for 250 guests, it is also more intimate and personal. Too often, responsibilities and expectations at large weddings leave the bride and groom without a chance to enjoy their own day. Elopements offer affordability and high end dining. Crystal Wells of Cookies and Catering ( brings just that to the table. Their goal is to exceed your expectations of service & food. It's a win-win. Elopements have the bride and groom eating and laughing together around the table.

Perhaps for some, the question is who is sitting around the table? While elopements are generally less than 10 guests, there are ways to involve others not on site. 3 Dawgs Productions ( offers professional  live streaming of events at Pope's Museum no matter the size. By offering streaming of small weddings, you can open your audience up to those who cannot attend due to all sorts of reasons be it health, funds, timing or any other reason. Streaming service also offers professional audio including microphones and music directly input into your stream and allows you to record your service to keep digitally or on disc to share or watch later.  

A perfect venue, working with a team of professionals, can have your wedding happen so that you can join hands and hearts together. Pope's Museum welcomes being a key part of that, with an elegant affordable venue and a team of professionals ready to make your dream come true.

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