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Patio Ponderings (3 of 3)

The patio is done for now.

Yes I am aware of the dips and puddles in it.

Yes, I am aware that some bricks have to be relaid.

Yes, I am aware that the yard is 2¨ higher than the entire patio.

These things will be addressed at a later time. Although I see these issues, I am more aware that they do not matter for today´s enjoyment.

Why would I want to wait to delight in it only after it is perfect? I am ready to enjoy it now, not when it is perfect. It is enough for now.

Mmm..God understands this concept. He may be perfect, but His creation, specifically me, is not. He is conforming me to the image of His son, but not waiting to enjoy me until this completion has occurred. God does not treat me that way. He enjoys me, flaws and all.

He is aware that, like the patio, I have puddles where self-centeredness gathers.

He is aware that He needs to realign some crooked priorities.

He is aware that, just like the yard beside the bricks, I need my faith in Him raised.

He will address these things in His time. Right now He enjoys me, not waiting to delight in me until I am perfect. If the eternal and timeless God enjoys His creation now with our flaws.

Let's rest in that.

Let´s live in that.

Let's live like that


Today enjoy something, or better yet, someone. Just delight in now. It is enough.

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