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Break out the Champagne! We did it

Today, on October 29, 2021, With a UNANIMOUS vote the National Review Board affirmed Popes Museum to be on the National Register of Historic Places. What an honor!

Currently there are under 2,300 places in Georgia that have this honor. This places Popes Museum as a site that is recognized by the United States National Park Service as nationally significant in the areas of Art and Women's history. The restoration of Popes Museum has been recognized and approved by the United States Department of Interior as being authentic and it looks BEAUTIFUL!

But wait, there is more!!!

Additionally, the Georgia Department of Community Affairs stated, “…While not recognized until after her death, it is today recognized as among the oldest documented self-taught art environments in Georgia and the southeast and is believed to rank among the oldest surviving such environments in the United States.”

How cool is that! Laura Pope Forester created a museum from her home that showcased the accomplishments of women. She believed she should say thank you to the military who protected and served during her lifetime of living through both World War I and World War II. She also used her skill to strengthen the family. In fact, the front portion of the house is historically named "Cupid's Room" due the the dozens of couples getting married there.

70 years after her death, the nation is honoring her works, her beliefs and her genius. Today we are a museum, a bed and breakfast and an event venue, specializing in weddings. Whether you want a wedding outdoors such as Desiree and John choose, or one in Cupid's Room such as Meghan and Ryan did, know that choosing Popes Museum means you have selected a venue that is elegant and unique inside and out.

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